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FW: The Pizza Issue Is Here!

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  • arlen baden
    The Pizza Issue Now Available! This issue was directly inspired by my time in Italy. I’ve had good pizza at home, but nothing compared to the supple
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      The Pizza Issue Now Available! 

      This issue was directly inspired by my time in Italy. I’ve had good pizza at home, but nothing compared to the supple wood-fire crusts, or the beauty of simple, organic ingredients that were so flavorful by themselves that they needed no other adornment. I’m happy that I can now share that experience with you through this issue. In the issue, you will find a wide range of pizzas, from the traditional Pizza Margherita and Pizza Marinara to gourmet pizzas like the Black Garlic and Porcini Pizza. Pizza, however, isn’t limited to Italy, so you will also find some highly creative fusion pizzas like the Bahn Mi pizza and even a Cheeseburger Pizza! There are also plenty of recipes for different crusts, sauces, and toppings, including Sundried Tomato “Pepperoni” and Sharp Aged Cashew Cheese. Because pizza is a component dish that can be mixed and matched, this issue breaks the recipes down into crusts, sauces, toppings, and then the pizzas themselves. That way, you can easily find your favorite crust or sauce to more easily make your own pizza creations. You will also get plenty of informative articles on pizza dough, how to choose the right vegan cheese, and what tools of the trade will best enhance your pizza making experience.
      Premium Subscribers will get a set of bonus content next month, which includes more pizzas and plenty of recipes for artisan vegan cheeses to top them! To become a Premium Subscriber, head over to http://veganculinaryexperience.com/VCESubscribe.htm and help support the VCE.
      To download the issue, go to http://veganculinaryexperience.com/VCEAug12.pdf or click on the image of the magazine. This issue is free to distribute as long as it remains unmodified, so if you are part of an veg-friendly organization, veg-friendly club, or vegetarian society/meetup, send it along!
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      You can check out our new menu options and learn about our vegan meal delivery service at http://veganculinaryexperience.com/VCEMealService.htm. Meals are available for delivery throughout the entire U.S. and are only $125 + the cost of shipping for a set of 12 portions for our regular customers. Very low-fat, gluten-free, and soy-free options are available in addition to the standard service.
      We are heading back to Italy next year! We are currently finalizing the details on this tour, so watch for the official announcement soon.
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      Upcoming Issue

      The next issue is Thai!
      Thank you for reading!

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      Executive Chef
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