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Want your own apartment in small veggie community?

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  • trevorlevine
    Hey guys, I just bought a triplex with a vacant 1-bdrm apartment, and my roommate and I eat a lot of vegan and raw food. If you re interested in forming a
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2006
      Hey guys, I just bought a triplex with a vacant 1-bdrm apartment, and
      my roommate and I eat a lot of vegan and raw food. If you're
      interested in forming a casual, very small intentional community,
      with your own apartment, here are the details...

      Huge quiet remodeled apt in triplex near hwy 24, Berkeley & Rockridge

      If you've been disappointed by other "1-bedroom" apartments, you'll
      love the spaciousness here. It's a whopping 630 square feet (which is
      bigger than many 2-bedroom apartments)! This huge remodeled apartment

      - Private, off street parking for 1-2 of your vehicles.

      - Beautiful pergo floor (looks like hardwood).

      - Lots of natural light -- with windows on 3 sides (South, East &

      - Huge bathroom with new tile floor, new toilet, new 20" deep bathtub
      (that's extra deep!), and new 60" long vanity, with loads of
      countertop space for toiletries, makeup, etc.

      - A bedroom that's completely separate from the living area – with a
      huge walk-in closet.

      - Large kitchen with a new gas range, new sink, and new countertop…
      plus south-facing windows and plenty of cabinet space.

      - New 93% efficiency gas heater to keep your apartment toasty warm

      - Huge living room and small formal dining room.

      - New double pane windows keep heat in

      - Shed for storing your bike

      - Couples and cats OK

      This building only has three apartments. Yours is a ground floor
      unit, so there are no stairs to climb. We live upstairs, but don't
      let this put you off. At our last home (a rental), our landlord would
      show up at our door -- unannounced -- a couple times every week. We
      didn't appreciate that. And we know you probably don't either.

      So we won't intrude on your privacy. As long as you're not blasting
      your stereo or TV, your personal life is your business. As a bonus,
      since we live upstairs, we're available to make repairs promptly. And
      we're pretty quiet (except for occasional piano playing). A quiet
      older woman lives in the third unit.

      Your ceiling has been soundproofed, so you can barely hear sound from

      Your front door exits right into your driveway. So – unlike
      apartments in larger complexes – UPS can deliver packages directly to
      your front door (instead of leaving yellow sticky notes, and making
      you pick up your packages).

      YOUR NEW NEIGHBORHOOD: 58th Street btwn MLK and Shattuck

      - Halfway btwn the Ashby BART and Rockridge BART stations
      - 17 blocks from Berkeley Bowl
      - 7 blocks from the entrance to hwy 24
      - Walking distance to the Nomad Café

      It's a quiet street with trees. Ours is not a "through street", so
      the only people who drive here are the neighbors. There are no
      barking dogs (although our neighbor has a lot of bunnies in her
      backyard :-)

      Most of the neighboring houses are owner-occupied. That means most of
      the neighbors are mature and stable people. It's not a transient

      This building was a fixer-upper when its ownership changed four
      months ago. The inside of your unit is impressive, and there's
      definite gardening potential, but the yard / patio area have not yet
      been improved. For this reason, we're discounting the rent until July

      The discounted rent is $950. From Aug 1st onward, it will be higher,
      but that price is negotiable, and we can agree on it prior to the
      lease signing. If you can do handyman work, mow the lawn, or run
      errands, we can discount your rent accordingly. (Of course, all that
      stuff is optional.)

      We can give you a long-term lease, but if you just need a rental
      until July 31, that's OK too.

      So please be forgiving when you first see the building from the

      There's no washer/dryer, but the local laundry service will pick up
      your laundry, wash and fold and return it to you. Two weeks worth of
      laundry is about $25.

      Move in costs are three times the rent.

      Because we live upstairs, we're seeking a non-smoking quiet tenant
      with good credit, and who can give current and previous landlords and
      employers as references.

      The apartment will be available as soon as we finish the renovations -
      - sometime between April 1 and April 10. We want it rented by April
      15 the latest.

      We are advertising it now to make sure we get a tenant lined up. If
      interested, please email us or call 510 547 4710.
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