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9749Summer Wellness Series | Fun | Relaxation

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  • Geeta Korimilli
    Jun 4 11:53 PM
      Dear Friends,

      This summer, have fun and relax with meditation, explore breathing techniques for better focus, concentration and managing stress. We invite you and your family members for these community programs. Please check out details.
      For more information, you can contact us.

      Art of Living Santa Clara
      Summer Wellness Series
      Relaxation | Meditation | Stress Busters
      We are immersed in numerous activities everyday like taking care of family, working with tough deadlines etc, during this process we might have experienced negative emotions, low energy, inability to handle stress, lack of focus and faced many other stressful situations.
      Simple breathing techniques, knowledge about our breath can help us give us our best at whatever we do. You are invited to our summer wellness series. A series of workshop focused on overall well being  include various topics like stress management, meditation, breathing techniques, calming the mind etc.
      Join us for at a convenient time for you. Jun 4th - Jun 17. Please RSVP Below.
      When:  ( Please follow the links to rsvp. )
      Where: Art of Living Center, 2368 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA
      RSVP: Please click on the link above to rsvp for your session.
      Session Contents Guided Meditation | Powerful breathing techniques & Tips on managing stress. | Wellness Topics
      Reported Benefits: Reduced Stress.  | Improved focus, clarity and enthusiasm. Relaxation & better sleep.