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8478Breaking news: BPA victory in California!

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  • scott munson
    Oct 5, 2011
      http://ewg.org Breaking news: BPA victory in California!
      Last night Governor Jerry Brown signed the Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act into law!

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      Dear Scott,

      Congratulations! Last night Governor Jerry Brown signed the Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act into law! This is a great day that has been several years in the making.

      It’s all thanks to you. Thousands of California activists sent emails, made phone calls and went to meetings with their elected officials. EWG Action Fund is honored to have sponsored this bill and to lead the fight to protect California's children.

      The Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act will go into effect on July 1, 2013. From that point forward the potentially dangerous plastic additive bisphenol A will be banned in baby bottles and sippy cups in California. It is so exciting to know that a generation of children will grow up with less exposure to this hormone disruptor.

      EWG Action Fund is not going to let up. We will continue to fight to protect your health and the health of your children. Please make a donation today to help us keep up the fight.

      Click here to donate to EWG Action Fund today. Together we can accomplish so much good.

      Thank you for your activism and support. We would not have won this victory without you.

      Yours truly,

      Ken Cook
      President, EWG Action Fund

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