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  • michaelrosenmolina
    Oct 2, 2003
      Hi, sorry to drop in like this. I'm a freelance reporter trying to
      develop a story on vegan and vegetarian pets, and I thought someone
      here might be able to tell me a little about.

      The project I'm working on is basically about people's growing
      consciousness about how what they eat affects the world around them,
      and how that in turn influences what they decide to feed their pets.
      I'm really interested in talking to anyone who feeds their pets a
      vegetarian or vegan diet, or who used to in the past. I'd like to
      know what made you decide to go this route (health reasons, animal
      rights, etc.) and to hear about what your experiences with it.

      If anyone here has a vegetarian or vegan cat or dog (or any other
      animal, for that matter) and you're up to talk about your
      experiences, please drop me a line at Mrosenm@... or
      else just post a reply here. If you have any questions or concerns
      about what I'm doing, I'll be happy to answer them. Thanks for all
      your help!
      Mike Rosen-Molina