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7964RE: The Permaculture and Sustainability Across America 2012 Bicycle Tour

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  • Vladislav Davidzon
    Jun 30, 2011
      Hello friends,

      You know that at Common Circle Education, we're busy changing
      the world -- and we take our responsibility as the nation's
      leadership, sustainable living and permaculture school
      seriously. Today we're announcing our most powerful program
      yet - a cross-country permaculture design course on bike.

      More details @ http://commoncircle.com/cross-country-bicycle-tour

      Come ride your bicycle with us across the country learning
      about and promoting sustainability and permaculture. Our most
      powerful program yet - a supported cross-country tour (support
      vehicle, meals and lodging included) to farms and
      sustainability sites, integrated with our award-winning
      permaculture design and regenerative leadership certification
      and much more -- this program will change your life.

      This three-month intensive course combines our Urban
      Permaculture and Regenerative Leadership Certificate training,
      followed by a Wilderness First Aid training before we head on
      the road cycling from Eugene, Oregon all the way across
      America to Washington DC (we’ll be roughly following the
      TransAM bike route – about 4200 miles), promoting and
      learning about sustainable living and intentional communities.
      The stunning places you will visit on this program and the
      extraordinary people you will meet will challenge and inspire

      Who: You and your neighbors who care about a sustainable
      future for America. As always, all of our programs are
      designed for beginner and intermediate cyclists.

      Where: Eugene, Oregon to Washington, DC

      When: June 1 - August 31, 2012

      Program cost: $6000 regular rate
      pay just $4500 before September 1st
      payment plans available

      More details @ http://commoncircle.com/cross-country-bicycle-tour

      This program is about sustainable community living –
      through the extensive training and preparation, the group will
      form a self-contained community on wheels that will cycle
      across the nation learning and promoting sustainable living.
      Because all of our programs are always designed for beginner
      and intermediate cyclists, we will teach you how to fix your
      own flats, fundamentals of bicycle mechanics, wilderness first
      aid, many safe bicycle touring skills, and provide you with
      the best possible routes. The permaculture training at the
      start of the course will give you a very thorough foundation
      in sustainable community design. Our experienced program
      co-facilitators will help facilitate the entire program,
      holding the community container and sharing their experience
      and guidance along the way — but otherwise serving
      primarily as members of the community.

      Here are some quick facts about this program:

      --> Includes our Urban Permaculture Design and Regenerative
      Leadership Certification training
      --> Includes our Oregon Sustainability in Motion Bike Tour
      --> Includes a Wilderness First Aid certification training!
      --> We will be following the TransAM route – roughly 4000 miles.
      --> Average of 60 miles per day (~4-8 hours per day) with
      rest/service days roughly once per week
      --> This is a supported tour – a vehicle carries all the gear.
      --> Meals are included – organic and vegan ingredients and
      menu will be provided, group members take turns cooking
      --> Experienced and knowledgeable tour support staff team
      will cycle with the group.
      --> Camping accommodations for most of the program

      Aside from the amazing places you will visit on this course,
      the most inspiring and transformational aspect of this program
      is undoubtedly the incredible community that will form
      throughout the course. The depth and richness of dialogue of
      each of our programs naturally leads to friendships and
      relationships that last well past the expedition itself.
      We’ve often heard comments from participants who mention
      that they have never experienced community the way that they
      have during a Common Circle Education program.

      Want to know more? Call us or email!

      Much gratitude,

      Vladislav for Common Circle Education

      Common Circle Education
      phone: 1-800-376-3775
      web: www.commoncircle.com
      mail: 14525 SW Millikan Way, Suite 17760, Beaverton, OR 97005
      LOVE us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/commoncircle
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