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7963SF named greenest City

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  • sunny
    Jun 30, 2011

      They forgot to mention,



      We support bicycle riding




      That we have a biofuels station


      Almost all our MUNI and public works , run on partial Biodiesel , thanks a few Permie and Burn Veggie team…


      There are a lot of pro veg people and restaurants support the cause.






      recommends eating a veg diet due for eco reasons


      Green America Magazine  June/July  Issue 84  p. 19

      “Inspired? 9Good Food Things to Do”


      Their tip # 6 says “go Veg”











      Best movie of the year, check it out




      This movie is very well made,  my friends and I think it's a perfect movie.



      Sunday Streets in Ocean Beach





      Ballroom dancing will never die