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7228partcipate in a parade to honor a vegetarian

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  • sunny
    Feb 4, 2011
      This is the ONLy parade in America honoring a veg

      He's our Ghandi of America!

      Get ready to participate in a FREE parade


      let people know he's a veg who believes in peace and kindness to animals.
      Wanted: Hispanic vegetarians pls show up! I wonder can Flacos have a food
      stand here?

      It would be great if he has a stall, can someone invite him?
      The weather last year was not that great but the vendors were selling well.

      Finally after 4 years getting groups motivated, Rachael got it going last
      year. In just 2 weeks, we had 30 people walking in the parade. (Blaise was
      a great help in getting walkers)

      We anticipate over 50 people will join this year.

      It will be cool various pro veg and pro animal organizations walk together.

      I wrote to the organizer that it would be great to have a VEGAN breakfast
      benefit ...

      I asked as year too