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693Can more people and dogs join on April 10, Sunday?

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  • No Vivisection
    Mar 31, 2005
      Hi folks,
      (Please forward this message far and wide.)

      As you may know, we are in need of dogs and people to show up at a dog march to call media attention to the dog experiments at UCSF. Essentially, for a whole year the Chancellor has decided to ignore us and let 800 dogs and other animals suffer and die in very cruel and unnecessary experiments. I have promised him that if he ignored us one more time in early January of this year, he can't get away with it and we will let the media know what's happening there. Well, the time is up.

      We are still lacking in numbers. We can't expect media to come unless we can tell them 100 people and dogs will show up. So far I only have 30 confirmed people. If you have friends and relatives and more dogs who can join you, please contact me again so I can update our count. It will be on April 10th, at 10:45 AM, at the corner of 16th Street and Owens St. in San Francisco (UCSF Mission Bay Campus).

      Thank you so much for your help and for confirming your participation! Please don't forget to contact me at my email or phone number below to confirm any additional people and dogs who can come on April 10. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee media will show up, but there is a good chance they will as long as we can promise a large number.

      I look forward to hearing from you!


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