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6782WVD thank you and acknowlegdments San Francisco Vegetarian Society

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  • Joseph Cadiz
    Oct 31, 2010
      San Francisco Vegetarian Society


      Sponsored by The San Francisco Vegetarian Society

      P.O Box 2510, San Francisco, CA 94126-2510, 415-273-5481, www.sfvs.org

      The 11th annual WORLD VEG FESTIVAL October 2 & 3, 2010 presented in the San Francisco County Fair Building, in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco was another great success with around 6,500 attendees over the two-day weekend.  We continue to present the most exciting festival in the Bay Area and perhaps California.  The purpose of the event is to celebrate and to educate. We celebrated with entertainment and we educated with 24 speakers & 1 yoga teacher, 12 demo presenters (raw & cooked), 8 food booths, 32 exhibitors, 17 non-profits, and 3 speakers' tables!  Our celebration included a Children's Corner; Vegan Speed Dating moderated by Kristen Miles; a fun Vegan Fashion Show presented by Karine Brighten Events; a Teen Forum moderated by Nora Kramer; Music, Dancing, & Acrobatics in the Gallery; and a gala dinner Saturday evening with Raw or Cooked vegan choices.

      Organizing Committee & Volunteers

      This fabulous event could not have occurred without the Organizing Committee preparing, publicizing, and presenting the event.  Many volunteer hours were given by our dedicated committee which included: Officers: Dixie Mahy, SFVS President & WVF Coordinator; JC, SFVS Treasurer & WVF Exhibitor & Printed Program Coordinator, Nancy Loewen, SFVS Vice President, Janet Tom SFVS Secretary, and Board Members who were on the committee: Sharon Leong, Joyce Thornton, Tom Flynn, and Vasu Marti.  Other volunteer committee members included: Helen Leroy-Adler, Sample Coordinator; Father River Sims, e-mail Publicity Coordinator; Deborah Fox, Volunteer Coordinator, and Carmen Lee.  We could not have done the event without the 75 wonderful, cheerful, patient volunteers staffing the 2 day event and the Friday set up day.


      Much appreciation to our major sponsors who provided financial and/or promotional support: Varnashram, Inc.; VegNews Magazine; In Defense of Animals; Friends of Animals, Common Ground, and Om Foundation. 

      Many thanks for the Promos and Interviews on Go Vegan Radio, GREEN AM 960 with Host Bob Linden Sundays at 3 p.m. and Emcee for WVF.  All of Bob's shows are archived and podcast online: www.GoVeganRadio.com.  Videos taken at the WORLDVEG FESTIVAL are now online at www.sfvs.org.  Click on the movie reel for videos archived.  Many thanks to our Board Member & Webmaster Tony Martin for setting up and maintaining our website and video taping our speakers with Jeff Teeters providing and overseeing the cameras in all three rooms and posting on our website.  A special thanks to Howard Dykoff for coordinating our two projectors for our speakers in the Auditorium and the Garden Club Room.

      Outstanding Speakers

      Our wonderful speakers made it difficult to decide which one to chose.  If you missed the event or would like to hear someone you couldn't hear because of simultaneous scheduling, you can go on our website as mentioned above where they are archived.  Our roster included: Dr. Steve Blake, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Rory Freedman with Joseph Connelly, Parker Lewis, Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, Bob Linden, Linda Riebel, Vaidya Priyanka, Dr. Carl Myers, John Robbins, Dr. Michael Greger, Dr. Milton Mills with Roberta Schiff, Dr. Anteneh Roba, Dr. Michael Klaper, Azalea Blalok, Hope Bohanec, Dan Brook, Nora Kramer, Art Konrad, Lauren Ornelas, Rhio, and Dee Benefield leading Yoga on the lawn. 


      Wonderful Demo Presenters

      Our Demo Presenters helped attendees learn how to make a variety of vegan foods cooked or raw with yummy samples and recipes.  Our Chefs and Teachers included on Saturday: Robin Silberman, Lisa Books-Williams, Miyoko Schinner, Martine Lussier; and on Sunday: Vaidya Priyanka, Patricia Allen-Koot, Barry Horton, Jennifer Cornbleet, Shanta Sacharoff, Meredith McCarty, Kristin Doyle & Cara Saunders.

      Fabulous Vegan Fashion Show

       San Francisco's first Vegan Fashion Show presented by Karine Brighten Events www.kbrightenevents.com featured Rory Freedman, co-author of the best selling Skinny Bitch book series, as emcee.  It featured nationally recognized designers Pansy Maiden, Reco Jeans, Lion's Share Industries, Vaute Couture, Mellie Bianco, Cri de Coeur and contributor Mission Savvy.   In addition to the runway presentation, there was a Fashion Show Village in the Gallery with an opportunity to purchase their products or participate in a Silent Auction. The fashion show would not have been as professional without the coordination of Karine Brighen and her Assistants: Laura Kwong, Francisco Ramirez, & Heidi L. George; the Dressers: Maurice Lomboy, Agi Szucs, Kristen Blackmore, Stacy Naglestad, Lyseen Jiang, & Joanne; the Photographers: Melissa de Mata & Rebecca; and Videographers: Christine Hancock & her team.  The great looking vegan models included: Amanda Tran, Berglind Guomundsdot, Tir, Ciara Peter, Kalya Coleman, Katia Sukhotskaya, Minji Wong, Jacqueline Valdez, Mare Odomo, Mike Portman, and Scott Garner.  (Seventy Six year old SVFS President & Organizer of WVF Dixie Mahy was invited to prance her way down the runway for the finale as an inspiration for everyone.  As a vegetarian of 53 years and a vegan 33 of those years, she is living proof that a veg diet is great for dynamic energy!) Check our website for the fashion show archived video: www.sfvs.org.  Karine Brighten Events also had a booth featuring information on planning Eco-friendly events, parties, weddings, and holiday celebrations. 


      Fantastic Entertainers in the Gallery provided a variety of ethnic music and dance including: Turning Point Jazz with Rob Schaaf on Sax, Jim Jacobs on Guitar, Miyoko Schinner Vocalist; Red Panda Acrobat Wayne Huey; Al-Hambra Tribal Dancers; and Moalak Atkins, African Martial Arts. 

      Food Booths included: Donna's Tamales, Enjoy Restaurant, Flacos Mexican Foods, Lydia's Organics, Nature's Express, New Ganges Restaurant, Raw Daddy, and SFVS Sampling Table.


      Exhibitors included: Ajmera Innovations, Azaleo EcoSoul, Book Publishing Company, Daisy Wares, Dr. Adel Tel-Oren, EcoVegan, Farm Fresh to You, High Class Vegetarian Foods, Karine Brighten Events, Lotus Foods, MCDA, New World Library, Nutru, Inc., NYR Organic, Pulmuone Wildwood, Radha Vignola, Ragazzi Vegan, Sajen, Sequel Naturals, Silver Hills Bakery, Soofoo, Sugar Beat Sweets, Synergy Organic Clothing, The Vegan Collection, Theropeutic Medicine, Tofutown North America, Trader Joe's, Turtle Island Foods, V-dog Food, Vegan One Club, Wayfare, Inc., Wild Ocean Seaweeds.

      Special Donors of Goods or Services: Alternative Baking Company, Belize, BoraBora, Bumblebar, Cotton Tree Lodge, Cascadian Farm, Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe, Earth Balance, Edwards & Sons, Eightoclock, Flora del Mar Mexico, Follow Your Heart, French Meadow Bakery, Frey Wine, Galaxy Nutritional Foods, Gardein Protein, Global Vegan Kitchen, Herbivore Clothing, Hurraw Balms, Kind Healthy Snacks, Larabar, Malcom Fontler Studio, Millennium Restaurant, Mimiccreme, Mooshoes, Natural Gourmet Institute, Hurraw Balms, Neu Aura Shoes, Pangea, Primal Spirit Foods, Real Food Co., Sjaaks, Stanford Inn, The Merry Vegan, The Vegan Collection, Tofurky, Wholeome Sweeteners, Vegan Essentials, Vegetarian House Restaurant, WholeSoy & Co.  plus special mention in VegE-News (vegan news around the world).  For free subscription to VegENews: http://www.vege-news.com and add vege-news@... to their ok list.  A special thanks to Rainbow Cooperative Grocery Store and Daily Health Natural Food Center for storing our food sampling donations. 

      Non-Profit Organizations that provided educational information covering health, humane, environmental, and spiritual issues included: Animal Place, Art Konrad, Aum-Ayurveda, Christian Vegetarian Association, Compassionate Cooks, Food Empowerment Project, Go Vegan Radio, Healthful Living, International Fund for Africa, Other Avenues, SF Living Foods, Supreme Master Ching Hai, The Vegetarian Resource Group, Vasu Murti, Vegan Outreach, Wellness Central.


      Saturday Gala Dinner:

      Our Dinner Celebration on Saturday eve provided a choice between two organic vegan  menus: the Raw Dinner was prepared by Lisa Books-Williams of Thrive Holistic Catering and the Cooked Dinner was prepared by Seth Pasternack of Convergence Catering with a Celebration Roast from Field Roast Co.

      Publicity: Our committee members worked hard on getting the word out.  Dixie Mahy did flyers, paid ads & Press Releases; JC worked on posters & post cards and assisted with paid ads; and Father River Sims and Jennifer Horton notified and updated e-lists.


      Graphics: Many thanks to ad designer Miguel A. Blasquez for post card & poster design and printed program graphics; Allegra Printing for Posters; and Star Printing for printed programs. 



      Last but not least, thanks to the many volunteers who set up, cleaned up, ushered, and did other numerous tasks making the event run smoothly: S. Shessa, Dean Gustafson, Kimberly Peterson, Gregory Gold, Bastian, Patricia Gray, Makulla Godwin, Denise M., Kathy Kelly, Peter Vielehr, George Gibbs, Thoi Pham, Carmen Lee, Sonia Siegel, Pia Esposito, Douglas Lym, Janet Tom, Eric Fox, Tikka Nagi, Bobby Singh, Sujatha Sankaran, Meena Goel, Larry Diamond, Theo Summer, Sarah Dicker, Dana Cayle, Howard Dyckoff, Charlotte Levin, Jeremy Levin, Pam Webb, Roy Webb, Mitzi Craney, Mary Moreni, Carla Din, Doug Mosher, Sharon Leong, Joyce Thornton, Joan Kwansa, Julie Brook, Danny Brook, Zev Brook, Paula Ruiz. Marcy Greenhut, Robin Anderson, Laura Verduzco, Elizabeth Dawson, Bill Gridley, Diane Wallis, Kati Nagy, Ed Lomasney, Dina Solomon, Dave Goggin, Valerie and Ricardo, Lois Kwan, Jasmine Patel, Venu Reddy, Robert Martin, Katelyn Pepper, Nona Cocher, Leslie Rocque, Marisa Aquino, Ron Halfhill, Pallavi Veera, Azure Kraxenburger, Ruby Tsang, Lela Rose, Tom Flynn, Jeff Teeters, Tony Martin, JC, Sharon Leong, Ricky, Art Konrad, and Ron Huffmaster.  If any names are accidentally omitted, our apologies and please let us know for a subsequent acknowledgment.

      Dixie Mahy
      San Francisco Vegetarian Society