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6646Happy Vegetarian Day, Week, Month, Life...!

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  • Dixie Mahy
    Oct 1, 2010
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      from Maynard Clark IVU & Dxie Mahy SFVS

      celebrations world wide

      If you are not a vegetarian/vegan yet, start your personal VEG MONDAYS next week by attending one or more of the twelve food demos being presented at the WORLD VEG FESTIVAL below.

      WORLD VEG FESTIVAL Oct 2 & 3, 2010

      Big Celebration in San Francisco County Fair Building, inside Golden Gate Park

      9th Avenue & Lincoln Way, San Francisco

      Check website for details: http://www.sfvs.org/wvd/schedule.php

      and http://www.sfvs.org/wvd/festivities.php (many thanks to webmaster Tony Martin for updates)

      From: "Maynard S. Clark" <Maynard.Clark@...>

      Subject: [ivu-life] Happy Vegetarian Day, Week, Month, Life...!

      A little late to be reminding us, but we have from now through November 1st
      (International Vegan Day) to celebrate a series of vegetarian "events"
      (those we made up) and to great one another cheerfully, slap them on the
      back hard enough to dislodge any tofu caught in their throats, and to join
      hands together and rally round the October Pole merrily.

      In the words of that ancient vegan marines cheer: Tow - *FOOOOO *'

      October 1 - World Vegetarian day
      First WEEK of October 9celebrated variously, first called "World Week of
      Prayer for Animals" = October 1-8 plus residual days on both sides of 1-8
      October 2 - Gandhi's Birthday/World Farm Animals day (FARM) or World Day for
      Farmed Animals
      October 4 - Birthday of St. Francis, Patron Saint of Animals (canonized,
      therefore it's a Catholic feast day that oughta be vegan)
      October 15 - United Nations World Food Day (for global "food security",
      ample but sustainable agriculture, etc.)
      November 1- International Vegan Day (completes the full month of celebration
      and outreach)