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  • turtlespace1
    Sep 1, 2010
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      Nancy, I so agree with you about winning people over to veganism with AMAZING VEGAN COOKING ! Isn't that the way to a man's (or a woman's) heart?!?! We had a birthday party at our house this year, with mostly non-veg people in attendance; I made homemade vegan pizza with Daiya cheese, and I just served it up like no big deal. But you would not believe all the people who were doing back flips (not literally!) over it. One person said, "WOW! If I knew vegan food could taste this good, I would have gone vegan already!" And the funny thing is, nobody was even ASKING him to go vegan. :)

      Nancy, yeah, I went a little overboard on that "analysis," thanks for reading and responding; it's something I hadn't thought about in as much detail before. Okay, that was yesterday. You want to hear something funny? Guess what arrived in my Inbox TODAY ... it was the Vegan Outreach newsletter with a link to an article about "Number of Animals Killed to Produce One Million Calories in Eight Food Categories" ... the categories being chicken, eggs, beef, pork, milk, fruits, vegetables, and grains. Is that crazzzzzy or what? This is exactly what I was wondering about and thinking about so hard yesterday; then all of a sudden, POOF! Here's the data, with scientific studies and charts and stuff.


      The article basically says that if you stop eating chicken and eggs, you'll reduce suffering and death MORE than if you stop eating other kinds of animals. So ... I think the article really follows along with my line of reasoning from yesterday. The idea is that if somebody is sincere about wanting to reducing suffering but *still wants to consume animal products*, it would be best for them to replace their current consumption with beef products, even if it's factory-farmed beef. The point is that you'll only be putting 1 animal through a life of misery instead of 200. And if it happens to be pasture-raised cows that you're killing for the food (not beef cows raised on feed lots), then you're putting 1 animal through a mostly good life except for castration, branding, transport, slaughter, etc .... in comparison to 200 animals such as most pigs and chickens that do suffer miserably every single day of their life.

      (As you'll see from the chart, the acquisition of milk from dairy cows results in far fewer deaths than the other animal products, but the chart doesn't display the suffering. Also, they don't include veal cows in their count. So it's kind of hard to say where dairy fits into the picture.)

      One thing missing from that article and the chart: they don't include aquatic animals. I wish they did, because geez ... think about all the fish, mammals, crustaceans, reptiles, and more killed during the "harvest" of aquatic life from the oceans. :(

      Anyhow, check out the article if you get a chance. I can't believe this popped up after I was thinking so hard about it yesterday!

      Take care,
      Rachel D.
      San Francisco, CA

      P.S. One more thing, it has been brought to my attention that I probably meant sadist, rather than masochist, in my earlier comment about slaveowners ... duh! Living in San Francisco, I should know how to keep all those terms straight. :)
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