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546Please join to stop Dog Experiments at UCSF

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  • No Vivisection
    Dec 2, 2004
      Dec. 3rd (Friday): rally will be at 12 Noon at UCSF, 513 Parnasus Ave. (either side of street)
      Dec. 6th (Monday): vigil will start at 4:30 PM at UCSF, 513 Parnasus Ave. (either side of street)

      Animal companions, animal rights supporters and proponents of more applicable human-based research, please gather together to protest dog experiments at the University of California San Francisco which are maiming and killing dogs.

      Two projects plan to exploit about 750 dogs over a period of 3 years. Most of the dogs will be surgically implanted with one or two pacemakers programmed to pace rapidly, causing congestive heart failure and killing the otherwise healthy dogs. Other dogs will have part of their hearts' mitral valves torn to cause the blood to flow backwards, also causing congestive heart failure and killing them. The dogs will either die from the ordeal in less than 6 months or be "euthanized" and have their hearts removed for further study. Unweaned puppies as young as one day old are also being abused in another heart experiment that does nothing to illuminate what is not already known in humans.

      Animals used in cruel and useless experiments for grant money at UCSF include rodents, rabbits, dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, ferrets, squirrels and nonhuman primates.

      Please write or email UCSF's officials to ask them to stop wasting tax-payer money on gratuitous experiments and focus instead on the more applicable, advanced and humane human-based research that already exist.

      Officials to write to:

      Chancellor J. Michael Bishop
      513 Parnassus Ave, S-126
      University of California
      San Francisco, CA 94143

      Nigel Bunnett
      Office of Research, Box 0962
      513 Parnassus Ave
      University of California
      San Francisco, CA 94143

      Thank you all for caring and helping!


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