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4829RE: NY Tim es OpEd - The Carniv ore’s Dile mma, 10/31

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  • Mitch Cohen
    Oct 31, 2009
      I noticed Carmen just posted Nicolette Hahn Niman's NY Times OpEd. Coincidentally, I just sent the following letter to the editor (which probably won't get published, but it lets me vent my opinion):

      Subject: The Carnivore’s Dilemma, 10/31


      Ms. Niman is right [The Carnivore’s Dilemma, 10/31] that it’s unfair to say all meat consumption causes environmental havoc. The negligible portion of meat production by sustainable, pure grass-fed operations may share the same high-cholesterol, cardiac, cancer, diabetes and obesity risks so highly correlated with the overwhelmingly predominant factory-farming method, but the minuscule amount of grass-fed operations do not share the secondhand-smoke-like societal eco-evils. HURRAY for the SUSTAINABLE RANCHERS! May they subvert the overwhelmingly predominant paradigm!

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