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4709You're Invited -- Vegan Dinner with a Great Cause

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  • Nancy Loewen
    Oct 6, 2009




                  You are invited to have a delicious Chinese vegan dinner with Jill Robinson, founder of AnimalsAsia, on Sunday, November 8, 2009, at 6:30 p.m., at Shangrila Restaurant, 2026 Irving Street, San Francisco.  Cost:  $15 per person.  There is a limit of 45 guests, so RSVP early.
        And who is Jill Robinson?  She is the woman who first uncovered bear farming in 1993, and has worked tirelessly ever since to end the practice.  Tens of thousands of moon bears are imprisoned in tiny cages no bigger than their own bodies for as long as 25 – 30 years, and are painfully milked twice a day for their bile.  Jill Robinson and her amazing organization, AnimalsAsia, is working to end this horrific practice.  They have rescued over 500 farmed bears who now live in sanctuary.  While the Chinese government has not yet banned this cruel practice, it no longer issues  permits for new bear farms.  Jill will be in the Bay Area in November to raise money for this incredible organization and its work.


      Please come to hear her speak and to donate funds to AnimalsAsia, as Jill really needs our support, as you can imagine.  You will be moved to tears with Jill’s story and work inspired with hope for change, and moved to give.  AnimalsAsia also works to stop the slaughter of cats and dogs for food in Asia.  And of course she eats a vegetarian diet!  Come eat, cry, laugh, be inspired and GIVE!


      Please RSVP to Nancy Loewen, njloewen@...; 415-750-0614 no later than Wednesday, November 4.


      P.S.  The dinner menu is as follows:


                             Crispy spring roll
                               Hot and sour soup
                               Shangrila special combination

                               Eggplant with hot sauce
                               Dry cooked string bean
                               Sweet and sour walnut
                               Pie pa tofu ball with broccoli
                               Lotus fruit with carrot and snow pea
                               Vegetable chow mien