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4708Live poultry vendor near Alemany Blvd. farmers market shut down!

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  • Andrew
    Oct 6, 2009
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      Although not directly for animal cruelty reasons, New Longs Live Poultry (along with a fresh seafood vendor) has been barred from its former location at New Hope Baptist Church's parking lot due to zoning violations (the church is in a residential zone). The following Saturday, Douglass from Army of Compassion documented them attempting to illegally sell from an unmarked van in a public parking lot, then on a sidewalk, before leaving due to his presence. Last Saturday, we found no sign of them, and don't believe they will be able to find another location near that market. More info at http://lgbtcompassion.org/livemarkets/
      We also discovered that they are using a fictitious address of "298 Putnam St." in public records and on their truck - a vacant lot is where the address should be, and USPS doesn't have a record of it. This address is also shown on their Health Dept. inspection results, and I have asked the Dept. for an explanation of how inspections are being conducted and permits issued at a fictitious address in a residential zone. They are supposed to get back to me this week regarding that, and also investigate the illegal locations Douglass documented.
      We are now preparing to focus on the vendor at the Civic Center/U.N. Plaza, and will soon be organizing demonstrations there early Sunday mornings to bring more attention to the issues - I hope that many of you can participate!

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