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371foie gras ban -- SB 1520 -- action needed now!

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  • Thea Langsam
    Aug 2, 2004
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      Hi all,

      We need to get our California Assembly members moving on the foie gras ban, Senate Bill 1520, ASAP.

      As you probably know, the Senate voted in favor of the ban. Although the Assembly has not yet voted on the bill, the bill it will consider has been amended. This means that not only must the Assembly vote in favor of SB 1520, the Senate must also vote to adopt the Assembly's amendments, or the bill dies. And both houses must vote on it by August 31, 2004! If either the Assembly or the Senate fails to do so, the bill will have to be reintroduced next year, which in addition to delay, means it will have to be sponsored, go through the committees, be approved by the Senate again, etc.

      So please contact your Assembly member (even if you've done so before) and urge him or her to call for a vote on SB 1520 now and to vote "yes." Here's how to contact your Assembly member: http://vote-smart.org

      For more information about foie gras, force feeding, and the campaign to end it, go to www.nofoiegras.org.

      Also, we need to get this info out to other California veggie groups. Does someone have a list of those groups? Please contact me at tlangsam@... if you'd like to try to coordinate.

      Thanks very much!

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