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33Invitation to join Veggie Jews

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  • Pete Cohon
    Aug 4, 2003
      You are invited to join a new Yahoo! group for Jewish vegetarians, vegans
      and those interested in vegetarianism. This Yahoo! group is associated with
      Veggie Jews and can be accessed at
      www.groups.yahoo.com/group/veggiejews. Veggie Jews is an new
      organization dedicated to
      providing a support group for Jewish vegetarians and vegans and spreading
      vegetarian/vegan consciousness into the Jewish community. The group exists
      both online as a Yahoo! group through which members can easily communicate
      with the group and as a real world group with periodic events in local
      communities. Veggie
      Jews is not a singles or religious group, but single and religious people
      are always welcome to participate as are our non-Jewish friends. Many of
      events are organized by volunteers and membership is free. The group was
      founded in San Francisco. Events in other cities will be organized as soon
      as possible.

      Please check out the Veggie Jews Yahoo!
      group site and consider joining. By
      working together we can make a difference.

      Best wishes,
      Pete Cohon