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2679RE: [SFVeg] new veg restaurant- The Usual Suspects Cafe

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  • Keith Jones
    Jun 14, 2008
      A coworker and I went there for lunch last week. The food was great but the
      service was really slow. We were one of only two tables there and it still
      took about 20 minutes to get our appetizer.which was the taquitos and they
      were good. I also liked the pizza very much. The dessert cupcake and
      cookie were great.

      My fear is this place won't last long unless they have more than a just a
      couple of customers show up at lunch.

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      Sent: Friday, June 13, 2008 10:26 PM
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      Subject: [SFVeg] new veg restaurant- The Usual Suspects Cafe

      in construction

      lots of parking M-F at 6pm, that's when all yellow zones are free parking
      and tons of financial district spaces are available. Montgomery St and
      Broadway ST (towards the Bay) have over dozens of parking)

      I was there on a THur night there were only 4 customers. There were 3
      staff members (not counting kitchen staff-at least 2) to serve you.

      most items are vegan, (around 3 non vegan items, all items are clearly
      the only negative is the Pizza is kind of small
      The only really raw items are organic juices for $4.50 a glass. Organic
      salad available but I don't see any raw dressing

      There's an open comedy mic on certain days... If there's any good
      entertainers, pls tell us. I'm looking for a open tic talent night...

      MY friends didn't want to try the restaurant with me, instead they want to
      go to a Chinese place nearby for a $6 dinner.
      It makes me so mad to see "meat dishes" that cost less than veg dishes. It
      doesn't make since..... thanks to tax-payer (me, us) government subsidizes.

      Sports Mart on Bryant St/16th Street, across from 24hour fitness, has a new
      free meeting rooms for any organization. You can even have potlucks there!
      The only time, it's always busy is FREE yoga every sunday from 1-2:30pm.
      .... that happens to be the same time as the SF living Foods potluck....
      (lst Sunday of the month.... around that time)

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