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255Pair of Doc Marten's Veggie Shoes for sale

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  • madmargi@aol.com
    Apr 28, 2004
      I sent away to the UK for a pair of these wonderful hiking boots, but
      unfortunately, they are too tight in the instep. I've barely worn them because of
      that, but don't want them to go to waste. The size I believe, is Women's size 6
      (or 7, UK conversion). They are plenty "tall" enough to handle a good thick
      pair of socks, just not wide enough for my foot. They are brown laceups with 6
      lacing holes, come up well above the ankle, and are a great leather
      imitation. Cute too.

      With shipping they cost me about $130,and I will take any reasonable offer to
      have them go to someone who's trying to cut down on or eliminate the use of
      leather. I can send a PHOTO if you're interested. If you'd like to try them
      on, I am in Berkeley.



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