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237Vegan sauce making resources?

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  • Dave Goggin
    Apr 4, 2004
      Hi All,

      Can anyone recommend a good textbook on making sauces, in particular Thai and Chinese sauces?

      I've decided to do more cooking at home. Being vegan, the obvious thing is to dump a whole pile of veggies in a stir-fry pan and cook them up. I know the basics (mix up a little garlic and bean paste with vegetable broth and cornstarch, or get a bunch of those sauce-in-an-envelopes from the supermarkets) but need to know some more tricks, spice combinations, etc.

      I've noticed that (despite the recession) so many nice little hole-in-the-wall quick bite restaurants around town have recently jacked up their prices and/or started serving rice plates that are 90% rice and 10% veggies w/tofu. Very irritating. It's cheaper to cook my own stuff, in plentiful quantities.

      Does anyone have opinions on the books "The Complete Book Of Sauces" (Williams) or "The Book of Sauces" (Grimsdale/Degu)... are they easily vegan adaptable or do most of their sauces require beef broth, eggs, etc? Not sure if they cover non-Western sauces.