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2150Animal Rights Film Fest Snacks..+ Hemp Ice Cream pint size For Sale

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  • sunny outdoors
    Dec 1, 2007
      this is a secret,

      Sat Dec 1, sometime, after 5pm, food from Golden Buddah and Cafe Gratitude

      on Sun Dec 2, Herbivore and Judahlicious food will arrive, which includes Live Hemp Ice Cream.

      all snacks are vegan
      if possible, bring your own silverware and cups..

      hey, maybe someone can start popping popcorn for everyone to share!
      For the Holidays

      Hemp Ice Cream, Pint Size, available any time

      1. vanilla $9
      2. Vanilla/Cacao Lavender Swirl $10
      3. Cacao Lavender $11

      this will be a great gift to bring to friends, just dont' eat it all before you get there!

      Soft Serve Ice cream are sometimes available on weekends, call ahead to find what what's the flavor of the week.
      I've heard during the summer, mango, blueberries were some of the flavors (It all depends if the store can get a good price on organic fruit)

      While you're there, check out their organic juices and Raw Foods.

      It's too bad it's not always 80 degrees in the Sunset District, Judahlicious will have a lot more business.
      It's on Judah ~ 44th AVe, next to Other AVenues.

      If don't know where that is... I suggest to, ...start memorizing all the vegetarian restaurant's addresses. Even though most of us don't go out to eat, we should at least tell others to support them. Yes, WE NEED THEM.

      Only 1% of the population are vegan and less than .1 percent are Raw, plus a lot of vegetarians don't go out to eat. It would be nice, but don't expect Raw foods available in most grocery stores and restaurants.

      Rainbow had to take out a whole shelf of Raw foods off their deli section cause Raw foods were not selling. I don't think there's really any or much Prepared RAw Foods for sale in the Deli Section any more.

      see everyone at The Film Fest, if you haven't done it yet, pls sign the Petition to against caged Animals.

      sign, Sunny


      We do what we can to save the birds from the disastrous oil spill. However a few days later, we don't think twice about cutting a piece of Turkey with a knife. Joe Roberts 11/26/07

      "... I just have to remember that what's really dangerous isn't biking
      (or walking), it's sitting around. Not pedaling can kill you."
      -- Alan Durning, Gristmill blog entry, October 9, 2007

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