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1741East Bay Regional Park Grazing Policy

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  • rojony57
    Jun 15, 2007
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      SFVS-member Mr. Veggie Hiker (VeggieHiker101@...) said
      Here is a link to an Offensive (Propaganda) Hike by East Bay
      Regional Park District that is clearly rationalizing the destructive
      & corrupt practice of grazing on public property and promoting meat-
      eating with public money - clearly aimed at kids too.

      Park officials (who get money from cattle farmers to allow their
      cattle to graze) seem to forget that the original inhabitants /
      grazers e.g. deer, elk were eliminated ruthlessly to institute this
      environmentally harmful practice of grazing.

      I hope you will write to them and voice your opinion as well. I have
      noticed their docents making these \"pro-grazing\" propaganda
      comments on other hikes as well.

      Showing up for the event and politely informing them & other
      participants (or simply asking key questions) would be a good idea as




      Enjoy the grazed hills on a 2.5-mile hike with a naturalist and the
      park supervisor. We\'ll discuss the beefy benefits of cattle grazing,
      the difficulties of grassland management, and the best practices for
      dealing with our bovine friends. Bring a picnic lunch. Parking fees
      apply where charged. This is a drop in program; no registration is
      required. For information, call (925) 757-2620.