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1740Public comment, battery caged eggs, S.F. Commision of Animal Control & Welfare

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  • Bonbonsf@aol.com
    Jun 14, 2007
      Dear Animal Lovers,

      This evening, I attended a hearing of the San Francisco Commission
      of Animal Control and Welfare. As an advisory body, the Commission makes
      recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding animal issues. The Board of
      Supervisors is responsible for all policy decisions and development.

      Today, June 14, the Commission was taking public comment on the
      issue of eggs from battery-caged hens. Next month, on July 12, at 5:30 in City
      Hall, Room 408, the Commission will be voting on whether to recommend to the
      Board of Supervisors to adopt a policy that the City of San Francisco is
      opposed to eggs from hens confined to battery cages. Four individuals spoke
      during Public Comment (including myself) condemning the use of battery cages as
      inhumane, and urged the Commission to adopt a statement with more "teeth,"
      such as recommending that the City government not purchase these eggs.

      If your schedule allows, put next month's meeting on your calendar.
      (I will not be here, but I hope there are more than 4 people advocating this
      policy resolution on voting day.)

      Sincerely, Bonnie Knight, San Francisco

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