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1422Sun,Feb.4, NoonAnti-KFC Demo Geary & 6th Ave.SF &Adv.Lunch 1:15 GoldenEra2

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  • Bonbonsf@aol.com
    Jan 31, 2007
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      Two ways to help animals in San Francisco on Sunday, February 4, 2007. Come
      to one or both:

      Please note: the Advocates Letter-Writing Luncheon goes forward, rain or
      The anti-KFC Demo is on in sun, fog or light drizzle, but canceled in the
      event of rain.

      (1) Join the VeggieJews' Tsedakah Brigade and the San Francisco Vegetarian
      Society and participate in the
      PETA campaign against Kentucky Fried Cruelty (see
      _www.Kentuckyfriedcruelty.com_ (http://www.Kentuckyfriedcruelty.com) ). You can educate the public
      regarding KFC's treatment of chickens by passing out leaflets at KFC, 4150 Geary
      Boulevard at the corner of 6th Avenue in San Francisco from Noon to 1:00 p.m.
      PETA is providing the literature.

      (2) Sponsored by VeggieJews Tsedakah Brigade and the San Francisco
      Vegetarian Society:
      Advocates' Luncheon: At 1:00 p.m. we'll walk 4 blocks to Golden Era 2
      vegetarian restaurant 832 Clement St.,S.F. (415-668-4888) a vegan restaurant, where
      we'll order around 1:15 p.m. This is a chance to eat tasty, low-cost,
      Vietnamese vegan food; to socialize; and most importantly, to spend a few minutes
      writing letters to help relieve the suffering of animals. Suggestions for
      subjects and recipients of letters will be available but feel free to bring your
      own agenda, as well as your own paper, envelopes, pen and stamps.
      For information and to RSVP, write to _veggiejews@..._

      Posted by Bonnie Knight, San Francisco

      [www.sfvs.org, The San Francisco Vegetarian Society:
      For health and humanity, promoting vegetarianism since 1968
      SFVS is a non-profit organization that has been working in the Bay
      Area for nearly 40 years promoting a vegetarian diet as a healthful
      and humane way of life.]

      [VeggieJews is an on-line and real world organization with events in
      local communities dedicated to supporting Jewish vegans and
      vegetarians and spreading vegan, vegetarian and animal rights values
      into the Jewish community. All VeggieJews' events are open to Jews
      of all ages and our non-Jewish friends. We are not a singles or
      religious group, although single and observant people are always
      welcome. For group information or to join, please go to
      www.groups.yahoo.com/group/veggiejews/ .]

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