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1372Re: [SFVeg] kitten in the window at Macy's

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  • RN
    Dec 18, 2006
      Yes! I saw the kitten and there was also a puppy! The pup was sound asleep but the kitten looked a little confused. The little animals are on display as part of a promotion of some ASPCA adoption show. The animals are first of all young, and secondly, are displayed in little rooms with miniature furniture; little beds, dressers, lamps, etc. This promotes the need for "instant gratification" and is bound to have an effect on "impulse buyers." Little kids will beg their parents to take one home and once the dazzle dies down and they start having to actually take care of the animal, they might soon forget it like all of the other Christmas toy gifts they received. This in turn might lead to abandonment or putting the animal back up for adoption. Adopting animals to care for them and be their "gaurdians" is not taken seriously when done this way.
      In the beginning I thought it was a good idea. Now I have mixed thoughts. Any other opinions?

      Karen Witham <karenwitham@...> wrote:
      Hello everyone --

      My partner told me that he saw a kitten in a window display at Macy's
      (downtown SF) Saturday night -- alone and looking scared as passers-by
      stopped to stare and take photos -- part of some kind of dollhouse exhibit
      on the Sutter Street side.

      I planned to go over today to try to talk to a manager, but I wanted to
      check with the list to see if anyone else had seen/heard of this and see if
      perhaps we could get an activist or humane society organization involved to
      help? I'm concerned for both the individual kitten as well as the message
      being sent to the public about animals (and Macy's lack of concern for them)
      -- as we know but others apparently do not, animals are not decorations or
      objects, but living creatures.

      Many thanks -- Karen

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