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13509Bethany's Story and More, Wed. Aug. 13 at 6 pm

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    Aug 5, 2014
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      This coming Wed., Aug. 13 at 6 pm, enjoy an inspiring true-life movie, with the producer present, and much more.  Bethany's Story is a documentary that chronicles a girl's illness from onset to recovery, as she discovers a vegan live diet on her own. Told she would never walk again, she overcomes life in a wheelchair from within on a plant-sourced only diet! Featuring insightful nutritional and philosophical commentary from Neal Barnard, MD, Michael Greger, MD, Gabriel Cousens, MD, Lewis-Mehl Madrona, MD, Dr. Brian Clement, and Brenda Davis, RN. Meet the filmmaker, Janet McKee, and her son, traveling from their farm in Pennsylvania to share this film! And by attending you are entered to win a powerful Vitamix blender!  And, she will bring copies of the DVD for signing and sale.

      But there is more.  Before the movie, enjoy an all you can eat vegan dinner that is much more than restaurant fare.  This dinner is planned by a certified Nutritionist.  She focuses on optimal nutrition, and does not spare expense in bringing you the very best, nutritionally, in the Bay Area.  Restaurants rely on bulk supplies in order to reduce overhead costs.  And they emphasize taste, usually at the expense of nutritional excellence.  And, there is a cost for each item on the menu.  But what Patricia provides is a vegan dinner that is not merely all-vegan.  It is totally health-supporting, made without eggs, dairy, honey, oil or added sugars.  She uses quality, organic and non-GMO ingredients, not cheap bulk supplies.  And the dinner is house-made from scratch.  It takes Patricia three days to prepare the dinner.  And it is a fantastic combination of great flavors and nutritional completeness.  And, it is all you can eat.  bring a container and take some home with you.

      Location is the Opera Plaza Community Room, 601 Van Ness, San Francisco.  Take the elevator to the first floor, then security will key you down to the mezzanine for the event.

      A fifteen dollar requested donation covers the all you can eat vegan dinner plus the movie.  The Nutritionist donates her time.  Funds go toward facility rental, food, transport and other costs.  

      RSVP to (888) 234-1361 or email to:  rsvp@...

      Presented by Wellness Central

      David Koot in association with Michael BedarShah