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13505DIY Raw Chocolate, Vegan Myths, and News

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  • arlen baden
    Aug 4, 2014
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      HappyCow MooZine e-Newsletter June 2014

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      MooZine Vegan Newsletter
      veggie greetings
      It's Cow & friends at VegFest San Diego. Please enjoy this issue, and forward to your contacts who might like to learn more about what's happening in the veg world.
      about us
      Banana contains potassium, a mineral that is necessary for the heart and other organs to work normally. Want more potassium per cup? Try one cup of dates (1168mg), or raisins (1086mg), or stewed prunes (796mg).
      about us
      Our community is powered by caring people everywhere who are dedicated to promoting a compassionate, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.
      Join us
      Make Raw Chocolate
      UK Cow ambassador, Trinity offers this step-by-step video guide to making chocolate squares at home.
      1970s Vegan on Television
      This 1976 program lead to over 9,000 enquiries about veganism.

      watch >
      Top 3 Myths About VEG Nutrition
      Dr. Michael Greger dispels the top 3 myths vegans and vegetarians have about nutrition.

      watch >
      Keep on the Path
      LA Cow ambassador, Michele the Trainer, shed 165 pounds after switching to a plant-food diet. She offers tips for staying veg in a mixed dietary preference household.
      read >
      Healthy living marketplace
      Holy Crap
      The world’s most amazing breakfast cereal.
      Organic. non-GMO. Vegan.

      Upcoming Vegan Adventure in Thailand...
      Enjoy some of the tastiest vegan food on the planet on this trip of a lifetime with VegVoyages as we celebrate Thailand’s annual vegetarian festival. People, culture and mouthwatering cuisines!

      Once Again Nut Butter
      Fair trade, organic, and all-natural.
      restaurants and stores
      Green Cuisine - Victoria
      A staple for the city's veg crowd. Features buffet and salad bar with daily specials. reviews >
      Evolution Fast Food - San Diego
      Drive-thru or dine-in vegan comfort foods made from in-house recipes. reviews >
      Tori's Bakeshop - Toronto
      Provides life's guilty pleasure but in vegan and organic versions. reviews >
      Rosti Tuscan Kitchen - Los Angeles
      3 L.A. restaurants cooking homestyle Italian cuisine. Ask for the separate vegan menu. reviews >
      Chaco Canyon - Seattle
      Certified organic cafe with 2 locations serving healthy meals, fresh juices, and vegan treats. reviews >
      Southern Fried Rice - Phuket
      Restaurant and budget guesthouse. Prepares vegetable and tofu dishes for veg*n guests. reviews >
      TerraZen Centre - Amsterdam
      Cozy vegan cafe specializing in Japanese-Caribbean fusion cuisine. reviews
      Community bulletin
      * LOVE to SuperCow ambassadors Marta in Portugal, Amy in Amsterdam, Katherine in Washington DC, Nate in Salt Lake City, and Julia in Israel. Also thanks to all of our ambassadors for keeping the Cow's guide comprehensive.
      * Eric L. credits a recent, perfect doctor's report to his diet change. He is the founder of ThankTank Creative, an eco-conscious, vegan design and marketing firm.
      * Will Tuttle visited Taiwan to promote the World Peace Diet and received a rockstar-like reception.
      * Kuntal Joisher tells us that he aims to become one of the first vegans to climb and summit Mt. Everest.
      * VeggieFest Chicago invites Cow friends to join the fun on August 9 & 10. Eat your way through the veggie food court!

      what's your passion? >
      news headlines
      Mayor and fire chief both switched to plant food diet, lost combined 100 pounds
      Airline stops shipping shark fin after public outcry
      91 year old vegan runner competes in marathons and breaks record
      The first, all-vegan food trailer park
      25+ plant sources of calcium
      Canadian company creates mobile community gardens
      A nutrient density approach ranks the most nutrient rich foods you can eat
      Incredible flying manta rays (video)
      Thank You. Your participation makes our service possible.
      - Eric, Diana, Shanti, and the Cows
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