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13504the importance of eating together,

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  • sunny outdoors
    Aug 4, 2014
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      that's why potlucks are very important to our Communities

      suggestions for potluck:

      bring healthy ENTREES

      instead of drinks, desserts or appetizers

      Entrees are the main dish and it will fill people up.  Have you been to a potluck and all there are to eat are drinks and chips?

      Bring enough for 10 people.   Any extra food you can bring home.  If you see extra food, ask permission before taking OTHER people's home.

      Your $10 jar of sour kraut or a tray of sushi might be satisfying for a few people.....  Bring MORE to share.

      If you are making food,,  $5+ worth of ingrediants is a good indication since you are paying for water, gas and your time to prepare the delicious dish.

      Potlucks are great for trying new dishes.

      If you are buying, spend at LEAST $12 to the dish...  even more ,up to $20 cause when you go out, to a sit down dinner, expect to spend more than $10 for a 4 course meal with drinks, salad, appetizer, bread, side dishes, tax, tip
      So, if you are only spending $4 to buy a potluck dish,  bring it to a higher standard.  Please think about it.  The SF Vegetarian Society will have a potluck something after end of Oct 2014, I don't have an exact date..   Please check your SF Vegetarian Society calendar to the next potluck. 

      I'll probably be there and I might bring some organic persimmons to the event.  Lucy Morales can make persimmon pie for us but the ingredients ALONE cost $20 per cake...

      sign, Sunny


      Producing meat consumes the most amount of precious WATER.   Please conserve water by eating less meat.