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13500World Animal Day

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  • Joseph Cadiz
    Aug 2, 2014
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      From: Janonetel <jancox@...>
      Date: 08/02/2014 12:47 PM (GMT-08:00)
      To: Janice Cox <janice@...>
      Subject: World Animal Day

      Dear Fellow Supporters of Animals,


      This World Animal Day - October 4th 2014 - organizations working on behalf of all animals are uniting to tell the world… Animals Matter!


      We hope your organization will join us. By working together we can ensure that animal protection will be the next great social movement!


      This World Animal Day march began in Africa (as Animals Matter to Africa!), but is now spreading across the globe! It is designed to supercharge the message that the animal cause - including wildlife, companion animals, working animals, animals used in research and agriculture - is a pressing political issue, and to support the call for an UN Declaration of Animal Welfare (UDAW).


      I am writing to you to ask your organization to consider leading, organizing or joining a local march or event in the U.S. We need a strong and united movement to make our voices heard across the globe.


      The Animals Matter march is a unique opportunity to raise awareness for animals of all kinds!


      You will find all the information you need here:


      If you are interested in joining, then please send a message to us on our Facebook page:


      (Or respond to this email and Janice will forward, if you don’t use Facebook).


      Thank you for your work for the animals, and looking forward to working with you on this World Animal Day.


      All best wishes,


      Nikki Elliot

      Animals Matter World Animal Day March Organizer