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13490Vegan Festival India

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  • arlen baden
    Jul 29, 2014


      Satvik Indian Vegan Festival

      15, 16 &17 August

      Sthitaprajna Vegan Centre:  Simplicity-Solitude-Silence

      Byndoor, Udupi Dist, Karnataka, India

      Programme (subject to minor changes)

      Friday 15 Aug:  Excursion & Exploration: 

      Until 9am: Arrival & Breakfast

      9am: Departure from Sthitaprajna

      10: Historical Jain Temples, Bhatkal

      11.30am: Bheemeshwar Cave/Hill Temple & water falls

      12.30pm: Lunch

      4.30pm: Apsarakonda Beach

      7pm: Murdeshwar Temple & Dinner at the venue of the 11th Intl Vegan Festival in 2007

      9pm:  Return to Sthitaprajna

      Saturday 16 Aug: Relaxation and Rejuvenation

      7-10am: Transformational Yoga by Kriti Sachdeva, Meditation Session by Prakash Brahmaprakasham, Pollachi and breakfast

      10am to 1pm: Swimming, waterfalls, nature walk and other competitions/activities

      1-3pm: Lunch and rest

      3-6pm: Visit to cashew factory, Historic Byndoor Seneshwara Temple & Byndoor Beach

      7 to 9pm: Evening Entertainment and Dinner

      9pm: Meditation

      Sunday 17 Aug: Education and Entertainment

      7-10am: Transformational Yoga by Kriti Sachdeva, Yoga & Dance Trainer, New Delhi, and Meditation by  Prakasham Brahmaprakasham, Maha Saivamâ, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu

      10 to 11am: Dance class by.Kriti Sachdeva

      11am to 12.30pm: Swimming & other activities

      12.30 to 1pm: Raw lunch

      1 to 2pm: Bharatanatyam Indian classical dance by Uditha Thiagarajan, Bangalore

      2 to 3.30pm: Karnatic Vocal Concert by Dr K. Varadarangan, Bangalore and Party, with vocal support by V. Abhay Rangan (son and disciple of Dr K. Varadarangan)

      3.30 to 4pm: Award ceremony, acceptance speech, short break

      4pm to 4.45pm: Raw Veganism as the primary and complete daily diet, talk by Maciek Kolbusz, Poland

      4.45 to 5.15pm: Living Free, talk by Richa Thapliyal, Dehradun,  Uttarakhand (FIAPO NewDelhi)

      5.15 to 6pm: Veganism & Spirituality, talk by C.K.Ashok Kumar, IVU International Council Member, Chennai

      6 to 7pm: Free time

      7 to 8pm: Dinner & Departure

      Registration Form (use separate form for each person)

      Name:                                               Nationality:                                            

      Status: Vegan/Vegan Supporter/Speaker/Artist (strike out not applicable)                               


      Email:                                               Phone number:

      Registration for:  All 3 days/Friday/Saturday/Sunday (please strike out not applicable)

      Transfer assistance:  Required/ Not required (strike out not applicable)           

      Arrival at Byndoor              Date:                           Time:

      Departure from Byndoor     Date:                           Time:

      Registration Fees*(Indian Rupees):

      Registration (strike out not applicable)         Before 31.7.2014                   From 01.08.2014

      All 3 days                                                         4000                                        5000

      Friday                                                              1500                                        2000                         

      Saturday                                                          1500                                        2000

      Sunday                                                             1500                                        2000

      Total Payable Rs.                                                       

      (*includes transfer from/to Byndoor, shared dormitory accommodation at Sthitaprajna (venue of the festival) or at an alternative venue, 3 meals/day, full programme including excursions)

      Remarks (if any)         :

      I will make payment on demand.  Signature:                                          Date:

      Please write to indianvegansociety@... if any clarification is needed.

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