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13361Hillel & BBYO need to hear from Jewish community & alumni we don't want staff who kill animals.

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  • Judith Gottesman
    Jun 17, 2014
      I am a former chapter president and regional officer of BBYO and former committee member of Hillel.  I was very disturbed to learn they hired people in top positions responsible for the moral and spiritual guidance of youth and young adults, who actively promote and participate in needless and cruel killing of beloved animals raised at Urban Adamah.  I come from a long line of rabbis.  Killing innocent animals at Urban Adamah is not the Jewish way.  We want staff who teach peace through love, justice and compassion.  That is the Jewish way.

      The UC Berkeley Hillel House (Campus synagogue and Jewish student center) Exec. Director, and also another staff member, both rabbis, support Urban Adamah and the killing of their goats and chickens.  The ED is on UA's board and the other had a big Opinion piece in the J supporting the killing.  Hillel International's CEO needs to hear from the Jewish community that these are not the kind of people we want guiding and leading our youth and young adults.

      Please call and email the CEO.  Www.hillel.org

      The BBYO (B'nai B'rith Youth Organization for grades 9-12) West Coast Jewish Enrichment Director is Rabbi Zac Johnson, the shochet/slaughterer for Urban Adamah!   This is the largest Jewish youth organization in the world with a new position to teach youth about Judaism.  BBYO International needs to hear from people, as well, that he is not someone we want teaching teens Jewish values.  

      Please call and email the CEO.  Www.bbyo.org

      Judith Gottesman, MSW
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