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13306San Francisco Premiere of "The Organic Life" , Wed. June 4 at 6 pm, Opera Plaza Community Room

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  • archierieus
    May 30, 2014

      This coming Wed., June 4 at 6 pm, at the Opera Plaza Community Room, 601 Van Ness, San  Francisco, enjoy the San Francisco premiere of the award-winning film,"The Organic Life"  Meet the producer, Casey Beck, who will have DVDs available for signing and sale. 


       "The Organic Life" is a yearlong chronicle of life on a Sonoma farm, where young farmer Austin Blair re-embraces the traditional agriculture practices that built America. Join Food First for a screening and stick around after for Q&A with filmmaker Casey Beck.

      It’s a story filled with sweat and blisters, sun and rain, as Austin and his fellow farmers struggle to sustain one of the world’s most ancient livelihoods the old-fashioned way. The Organic Life uncovers both the challenges and the rewards of the farming life and will investigate what drives young farmers to take the job. Join a die-hard group of Sonoma farmers on their journey to make a sustainable living in the 21st century and find out what it takes for your local farmer to produce that juicy, heirloom tomato.

      The film was directed by Sonoma-based Casey Beck, who has produced a number of award-winning documentaries. The Organic Life is Casey’s first feature-length documentary.  She recently premiered it to sold-out crowds at the 36th Mill Valley Film Festival, where it was included in the prestigious Active Cinema circle. The film won Best Documentary Feature at the Santa Cruz Film Festival and also screened at film festivals in Sonoma, Oakland, and Minneapolis.


      “a love letter to the land and a sobering revelation about how much work and sweat and worry goes into nursing those carrots and tomatoes and ears of corn out of the soil.” –Sonoma Magazine


      Meet the filmmaker: Casey Beck


      For the past seven years, Casey has been directing and producing independent documentary films, highlighting otherwise untold stories. Since 2004, she has directed and produced numerous documentaries, including: Mongolia: Land Without Fences, which aired as a FRONTLINE/World “Rough Cut” in 2007 and the award-winning The Rising Tide: Kiribati, which detailed the effects of global warming on Kiribati, a small island developing nation in the Central Pacific. She spent 2010 in the Dominican Republic as the First Unit Director of Pelotero, an award-winning New York Times’ Critics Pick and in San Francisco as an assistant production coordinator for The Two Escobars, an award-winning ESPN 30 for 30 documentary. 

      She will be with us in person to talk about making the film, the challenges of organic farming, and to sign DVDs which she will have for sale.

      Before the film, enjoy a delicious full-course vegan dinner planned by a certified Nutrition Consultant, Patricia Allen Koot, NE, NC.  The dinner is totally vegan and totally health-supporting, organic and non-GMO, made without eggs, dairy, honey, oil or added sugars.

      And, it is all you can eat.  Bring a container and take some home with you.

      Location is the Opera Plaza Community Room, 601 Van Ness, San Francisco.  Take the elevator to the first floor, then security will key you down to the mezzanine for the event.

      The Nutritionist, and the Producer, are donating their time.  A Fifteen Dollar requested donation covers the all you can eat vegan dinner, the facility rental, food, transport and other costs.

      RSVP to (888) 234-1361 or email to:  rsvp@...

      Presented by Wellness Central

      David Koot