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13296Support SB 1381-label genetically engineered food in CA

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  • Dixie Mahy
    May 28, 2014
      From: CA Right to Know <info@...>
      Subject: Support SB 1381-label genetically engineered food in CA

      Dixie Mahy --

      Good News: Vermont just approved the nation’s first no-strings-attached GMO labeling bill! Now it’s California’s turn, but we need your help. The California Senate is debating a bill that would label GMO foods! The bill is in the most difficult phase: getting onto the Senate floor!

      Call your Senator TODAY and ask him or her to support SB 1381.

      The GMO Labeling bill is an improved version of Prop 37. If signed into law, this bill will ensure Californians’ right to know how our food is produced. This will send a clear message to corporations that they can’t keep us in the dark about the widespread use of GMOs.

      Vermont is leading the nation on this issue, and California has the opportunity to join at the forefront. Speak up now! Your state Senator is a critical swing vote in passing this bill once it reaches the floor. Corporate interests are flooding the state capitol in an effort to defeat the bill so we need everyone who cares about this to speak up now. Contact your Senator before May 30th and ask him or her to support support SB 1381. Polls both before and after the Prop 37 election in 2012 showed that 67% of Californians support California having GE foods labeled, but the opposition spent $46 million to confuse enough of those who want labeling to narrowly defeat the initiative.

      The industry is at is again – attempting to scare legislators with false information about cost and the nature of the bill. The costs to the State, industry, and the public of SB 1381 are minimal. SB 1381 is a consumer “right-to-know” proposal that provides information about content of food; it is not a warning label as opponents have called it. Join the tens of thousands of supporters – from Moms to farmers – across the state in support of GMO labeling. 

      Tell your Senator -- it’s time to speak up for our right to know what we are really eating. Please contact your state senator today. Find your Senator here.

      Senator Marty Block (D), District 39, San Diego
      (916) 651-4039
      Room 4090, State Capitol

      Senator Lou Correa (D), District 34, Santa Ana
      (916) 651-4034
      Room 5061, State Capitol

      Senator Lou Correa (D), District 34, Santa Ana
      (916) 651-4034
      Room 5061, State Capitol

      Senator Ben Hueso (D), District 40, San Diego
      (916) 651-4040
      Room 2054, State Capitol

      Senator Carol Lui (D), District 40, La Canada Flintridge
      (916) 651-4025
      Room 5097, State Capitol

      Senator Ed Hernandez (D), District 24, West Covina
      (916) 651-4024
      Room 2080, State Capitol

      Senator Cathleen Galgiani (R) , District 5, Stockton
      (916) 651-4005
      Room 2059, State Capitol

      Senator Richard Roth (D), District 31, Riverside
      (916) 651-4031
      Room 4034, State Capitol

      Senator Norma Torres (D), District 32 - Pomona
      (916) 651-4032
      Room 2048, State Capitol

      You can also send an email to your representative using the wording below:

      Support SB 1381-label genetically engineered food

      Dear Senator, I live in your district and am writing to urge your support of SB 1381, a bill introduced by Senator Noreen Evans (D-SD2) to label genetically engineered food. A majority of Californians want to know what’s in our food and how it’s grown. Many of the processed foods we eat and feed our children have been genetically engineered, but without labels we are kept in the dark. But we have a right to know, and we want to know. SB 1381 is a simpler, cleaner version of Proposition 37. The costs to the State, industry, and the public of SB 1381 are none to minimal. The bill does not ask the Department of Public Health to create any new regulations. The cost of adding a notation to the label of packaged foods and to retail shelves is a very small incremental change; signage and products labels are constantly being changed for marketing purposes.

      Polls both before and after the Proposition 37 election showed that 67% of Californians supported a state labeling law. We want the information, a simple label, to allow us to make informed decisions about the food we buy and eat. The chemical and junk food lobby is pushing a proposal in Washington, D.C. right now that would make it illegal for states to pass their own labeling laws. We need our California leaders to stand up now for our right to know. Labeling is essential for me to choose whether or not I want to consume or feed my family genetically engineered foods. I urge you to support SB 1381 to label GE foods in California.

      Thank you.

      California Right To Know, Prop 37 Steering Committee

      CA Right to Know

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