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13090Vegetarian/vegan options in MLB parks for 2014

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  • Dixie Mahy
    Apr 3, 2014
      From: Veggie Happy <info@...>
      Subject: Vegetarian/vegan options in MLB parks for 2014

      Happy baseball season everyone!

      We are continually updating the MLB Venue Vegetarian Guide with menu changes or confirmations, so be sure to reference it regularly to find out what your favorite stadiums are offering this season. Also, check out our latest blog, summarizing the current status of vegetarian hot dogs, and rising demand for vegan franks in MLB stadiums.

      Spread the word locally (via social media, local supportive groups, regional media etc.) so other fans know that vegan options are available at your ballpark. Most stadiums won't focus on making sure fans are aware these items are available, so we need to do this to ensure that sales reflect real demand, especially when the item is new and considered tentative until sales prove it worthy.

      Happy noshing! 

      Celebrating vegan menu options that appeal to all food lovers