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1296Tell the Army Corps: Stop Rubberstamping Destruction of Our Waters!

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  • rojony57
    Oct 31, 2006
      This was sent to me via email from Earthjustice.

      For more than thirty years, the Clean Water Act has provided critical
      protections for America's rivers, streams, wetlands, and other

      Key to this law's success is that careful environmental assessment
      and public notice are required before a body of water can be
      polluted, filled, or destroyed.

      But now, the Army Corps of Engineers is trying to undermine these
      safeguards, by rubberstamping many destructive projects while waiving
      environmental review.

      We need your help: please tell the Army Corps that Americans value
      the strong protections of the Clean Water Act and don't want to see
      these critical safeguards weakened!


      Because the earth needs a good lawyer
      426 17th Street, 6th Floor, Oakland, CA 94612

      Earthjustice has long been working through the courts to protect our
      nation's waters, including:

      Blocking an industry attempt to weaken Clean Water Act protections
      against the dredging and filling of waters across the country;

      Limiting destructive mountaintop removal coal mining in West
      Virginia, which buries and pollutes waters throughout Appalachia; and

      Calling on the EPA to adopt stronger regulations that actually reduce
      water pollution harmful to fish and humans.
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