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12843Her vegan cookbook was ahead of the curve

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  • Brook
    Feb 13, 2014
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      Her vegan cookbook was ahead of the curve

      bostonglobe.com - When Robin Robertson first released “Vegan Planet” in 2003, “vegan” was miles away from the culinary buzzword it is today. So forgive her for thinking her cookbook was just a little ahead of the curve. “Yeah, that is what I thought,” says the author, 60, slightly amused. “I always thought it was going to be the new vegetarian. I saw the shift taking place and it was just about the rest of the world catching up. Now, of course, vegan is a household word. So it was time to come out with a revised edition of ‘Vegan Planet’ because things have changed a lot in the last 10 years.” That book, just released, features more than 425 recipes, 35 of which are completely new and 15 that are totally retooled.

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