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12838Attention Sierra Club members!

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  • Sage, Mike
    Feb 12, 2014
      Attention Sierra Club members!
      Veg*ns in the Sierra Club are working to make an impact within Sierra Club so that we can start getting veg-enlightened policies and recommendations from Sierra Club instead of all the veg-blind stuff as heretofore.
      In particular, we need for Sierra Club to start publicizing the fact that replacing animal-based food by plant-based (vegan) food in people's diets will reduce the devastation that humankind is inflicting on the environment.
      Those of us who are Sierra Club members need to start coordinating and communicating with each other so that we can take effective actions to accomplish things in Sierra Club over which non-veg people endlessly vacillate.  The kind of actions I am thinking of are sending an e-mail when needed, and voting in the annual Sierra Club elections in an informed manner.
      If you are a Sierra Club member, please contact Linda DeStefano at ldestefano3@... .  Linda is chair of the Biodiversity Committee of the Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter.  See Linda's fantastic "Biodiversity/Vegetarian Outreach" webpage at http://newyork2.sierraclub.org/conservation/biodiversity .  Tell Linda that you will support her suggestions for the Climate Change Task Force and that she may add you to her e-mail list for relevant e-mail.  It doesn't matter where you live.  Also, it's OK if you have been totally inactive in the past.
      Please do so right away, as there is an opportunity that is presently upon us (with a deadline of Feb. 15).
      Sincerely yours,
      Mike Sage