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12834Animal Shelters should serve vegan foods at fundraisers

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  • sunny outdoors
    Feb 11, 2014

      Food for Thought: Getting Animal Shelters to Go Veg

      Hello organizers! 

      Greetings! I'm working with Animal Place in Grass Valley, CA, one of the largest and oldest farmed animal sanctuaries in the country, on their Food for Thought campaign. This campaign is designed to encourage and help shelters and humane societies adopt a vegetarian/vegan menu policy for their fundraising events. Many shelters rescue companion farm animals like rabbits and chickens, but also serve the meat of chickens, cows and other animals at their fundraisers. Our campaign seeks to align a shelter's mission with its practices. Could you send along a message to your supporters, either on meetup.com, or through social media about Food for Thought and our recent survey? 

      This month we released the results of our survey of California shelters and rescue groups. We found that 29% of SPCAs and humane societies already had a veg policy in place. We’re hoping this will inspire others to follow suit and perhaps your meetup might be able to work on this issue as well? We're happy to provide resources, guidance and general support. 

      You can find the full news release, as well as additional resources and an activist toolkit on our campaign site: 



      Your members may also be interested in learning about our wonderful internship program at our scenic sanctuary. More on that and on us can be found at www.animalplace.org. 

      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. My information is below. 

      Thank you so much! 

      Carolyn Mullin 
      Food for Thought // A Program of Animal Place 
      17314 McCourtney Road 
      Grass Valley, CA 95949 
      sign, Sunny


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