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12700SFVS Potlucks

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  • Dixie Mahy
    Jan 8, 2014
      > SFVS members have been asking if we could start up our San Francisco
      > potlucks and speaker series again. For years, thanks to Nancy
      > Loewen, we were able to use the Institute on Aging (IOA) offices on
      > Geary and Cook St. Then in March 2011, the IOA moved across the
      > street, where they built huge new offices and medical health
      > facilities for the seniors they serve. Next door is low-income,
      > senior housing managed by Bridge Housing.
      > We've asked both IOA and Bridge if we can use their community space
      > for our potluck & speaker events, but they say no. We've looked into
      > churches, community centers, but they either don't allow food
      > (meeting space only), or their rental rates are exorbitantly
      > expensive (like $200+). We have used Fort Mason for our Holiday
      > Potlucks but they are expensive ($175 for 4 hours which we don't
      > make up at the door, no kitchen facility, & there is a fee for
      > parking in the lot). We have used UU Church for our MEAT OUT LUNCH
      > but we have to be co-sponsored with UU Animal Ministry and it is
      > still around $200.00. We have used St James Church but they won't
      > book every month and they double booked us last time and we had to
      > start one hour late. We have Thanksgiving Potlucks at SDA Church
      > but their church sabbath is Saturday and they have a potluck
      > following their service every week. Although we use the Police
      > Community Room on Valencia for our Annual Meeting & WVF Orientation
      > Meeting, it is too small of a space for ongoing potlucks.
      > Do any of you know an organization, community group, or church that
      > has rental space for us? We would need a space that could hold
      > 50-75 people, has a dining area with tables and chairs and a
      > kitchen. We can pay $50-100 for rental. In addition, as many of our
      > members use public transit, it would be helpful if there was a bus
      > line close by. Something along the 38 Geary, 1 California or a BART
      > line would be great. We're looking for a Saturday night once a
      > month, from 5:00-10:00pm. If you miss the potlucks and want them
      > back, would you please help us find a space so we can do it again?
      > Thanks so much!
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