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12521vegan food truck TODAY at Dolores Park

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  • sunny outdoors
    Nov 16, 2013
      again, the chicken is vegan

      We'll opening up at Dolores Park today 12:30! Chicken & Waffles, Lusty Lover Tacos, Chilaquiles Rancheros, Hellafornia Burrito and the Waffle-Fried "Chicken" BLTA all on the menu today!
      sign, Sunny
       Human hunger: Did you know..."More than 90% of soybeans, 80% of corn and 70% of grain grown in the US goes to feed livestock! 800 million more people could be fed if the grain fed to livestock was used to feed people." (David Pimentel, Professor of Entomology, Cornell University.)
      we lost to Monsanto and Dupont, but we are going to get smarter in getting rid of of u in our bodies
      farm fishing is bad in many ways
      and there's not enough wild salmon or fish to go around....in 10 years!