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12349RE: [SFVS] Vegetarian Festival

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  • arlen baden
    Oct 15, 2013
        COMMENT  From Janet Tom

      --The odd thing is they just maintain a vegetarian diet during those ritual days. So much easier to be a vegetarian full-time; and not spear yourself.

        COMMENT  from Arlen Baden
      It's Forks Over Knives....and Spears

      I attended the one in Malaysia and it was much worse!!!

      Tongue slashing in Phuket
      In Thailand, this festival is called Tesagan Gin Je เทศกาลกินเจ, the Vegetarian Festival. It is celebrated throughout the entire country, but the festivities are at their height in Phuket, where about 35% of the population is Thai Chinese. It attracts crowds of spectators because of many of the unusual religious rituals that are performed.


      Subject: Re: These guys have us beat!

      On Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 11:44 AM, Tony Martin <veggiedude@...> wrote:
      Thailand's Vegetarian Festival - where the people put spears, swords and knifes into their faces to celebrate!!!!


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