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12322October Cancer Prevention Month

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  • Dixie Mahy
    Oct 12, 2013
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      With Dr. Fuhrman
      From: "Dr. Fuhrman" <info@...>
      Subject: Help Make October Cancer Prevention Month
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      Help make October Cancer Prevention Month

      Breast cancer awareness has become big business. Every October, companies join up with cancer charities for good publicity, selling pink-ribboned products to profit from consumers’ good intentions. However, we already have substantial evidence that breast cancer can be prevented with G-BOMBS. These foods: G-Greens, B-Beans, O-Onions, M-Mushrooms, B-Berries, S-Seeds individually have shown dramatic benefits in scientific studies. Dr. Fuhrman encourages readers to take action — to move beyond “awareness” and combine these protective foods into a Nutritarian diet-style. The Nutritional Research Foundation’s goal is to study the cancer protection achievable with a Nutritarian diet. Let’s make October Breast Cancer Prevention Month. Please support research so we can show the world that the war on breast cancer is winnable right now!

      Join us and the Nutritional Research Foundation and learn about innovative proposed Breast Cancer Prevention Research

      There is mounting scientific evidence supporting the powerfully protective steps women need to be aware of to avoid breast cancer. Find out what these are — and then donate to the NRF to support this important research!


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