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12320Do you live in a non vegan household?

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  • Dixie Mahy
    Oct 12, 2013
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      From: "Thomas Hupp" <thomas@...>
      Subject: Do you live in a non vegan household?
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      Is Your Kitchen Divided?
      Please join our discussion on this under discussed vegan issue. Best Selling Author, Ellen Jaffe Jones, has written a new book on the subject of semi-vegan households keeping the peace in the kitchen.
      Join our social media conversations from Oct 16 through Oct. 22
      We will be sharing divided kitchen stories, sharing vegan recipes compatible for adding meat, and offering daily prizes relevant to the Question of the Day. 

      Thursday Oct 17th at 8:30 PM ET join Ellen Jaffe Jones live on Google + to discuss her new book and navagating the challenges of a "Kitchen Divided"

      Join Ellen and Vegan Mainstream moderator Stephanie Redcross for a live conversation discussing
      the challenges and solutions to living compatibly with non-vegan family members.
      Go here for sign up information and details: http://www.veganmainstream.com/kitchendivided

      Daily Schedule

        Prize Book Giveaway               Oct. 16   Is Your Kitchen Divided?/ How do you tell your family I'm Vegan?               
        Prize One-on-one Session with Ellen   Oct. 17   What is your best tip for coping with the divide?                                            
        Prize Cutting Board Giveaway  Oct. 18  Are you compromising your vegan values by serving meat in your home?  
        Prize Cutting Board Giveaway   Oct 19  Recipe Contest: Make Ellen Jones's Rosotto rice and edamame dish.          
        Prize One-on-One Session with Ellen   Oct 20  What's the worst argument and how was it resolved?                                   
        Prize  Book Giveaway         Oct 21  Do you see any signs of positive change? What can you do to promote it?   
        Prize  Book Giveaway          Oct 22    Do you have any tips for structuring the kitchen to avoid problems?               

      Got to Ellen Jones Kitchen Divided Facebook page for information on the Oct 19th Recipe contest.
      Contact us with any questions:
      Thomas Hupp Book Publishing Company
      888 260 8458 Ext 403

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