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1153Re: [SFVeg] soy article from Sunday's Chronicle

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  • yarrow@sfo.com
    Aug 14, 2006
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      On Aug 14, 2006, at 11:38 AM, Karen wrote:
      > Anyone have thoughts or comments on this piece from the Sunday
      > Chronicle magazine? I am VERY confused about how to feel about soy;
      > generally I try to eat in moderation but it's tough when it's used so
      > prevalently as a filler/protein source. Karen

      Sam Halsey <samhalsey@...> wrote:
      >There is a good article in one of Dr Mcdougall's Newletters entitled
      >"Soy – Food, Wonder Drug, or Poison?"(see link below):

      35 grams a day? or the 50-100 recommended by
      huckster/quack Sears? No. That much *protein* per
      day is far too much, and from one source
      certainly excessive.

      I agree with McDougall's position -- use in
      moderation primarily as a whole food. I think one
      of the guidelines is to eat no more than 5-10
      grams of soy protein a day, comparable to what
      Asians eat in tofu-eating countries.

      So if I have soy yogurt in the morning, I don't
      have soy ice cream later in the day. Or I have
      either soy yogurt or soymilk with breakfast, but
      not both. One Thanksgiving, I had been planning
      to make a soy-based pumpkin pie for a small
      dinner with friends until I found out that
      someone else was bringing tofurkey, so I changed
      to a nonsoy recipe at the last minute. Or if I
      have a soy-based main course for dinner, I avoid
      soy products the next few days.

      I also like (and usually but not always follow)
      voice-of-reason Marion Nestle's guideline to eat
      no prepared foods that have more than 5
      ingredients. Of course, this applies more to
      snack-type foods than to foods made from
      wholesome ingredients.

      Bigger issues with actual public-health
      ramifications (and which I have not seen covered
      in the scare-of-the-day popular press) are

      -- the predominance of corn in the standard
      American diet, particularly in junk food and fast
      food, as pointed out by Michael Pollan in his
      recent book, The Omnivore's Dilemma.

      -- the fact that milk protein is the most
      carcinogenic substance known, as pointed out by
      Colin Campbell in his recent book, The China
      Study. Setting up soy formula vs. dairy-based
      formula is a paper tiger unless the risks of all
      ingredients are known, and I have never seen a
      discussion of formula that even mentions these
      risks from cow's milk.

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