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1125veg Scott Adams creator of "Dilbert" cartoon series got married

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  • sunny outdoors
    Aug 2, 2006
      Scott is 49 years old and married someone around 38 years old. I think it's his first marriage

      He lives in the East Bay somewhere in the Contra Costa area.

      I've tried unsuccessfully for 3 years to invite him to some SF veg events. Maybe someone can get him to go to a Contra Costa potluck.

      sign, Sunny

      I turned off the volume on my phone now. So, if you want to get hold of me, please leave a message.

      I am unable to receive your emails at work.

      Living Foods: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SFLivingFoods/
      due to my high amount of emails, I am unable to answer everyone's emails on vegetarian questions.

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