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  • Larry Fishman
    Nov 7, 2012
      I agree that our campaign was not planned properly and that we let Monsanto TV ads do too much damage not anticipating. I do not have all the answers but I feel that our campaign made a lot of strategic blunders, the main ones being starting the TV ad campaign too late after much damage had been done and more importantly using such a weak ad with no credible people (farmers, doctors, scientists, or professionals for example) stating the facts. Here is an email I sent to Sofia, our Oakland leader (I also sent part of it to the OCA):
      Your email is quite good, and makes a lot of good points in a clear,
      concise manner. It is too bad that the "Yes on 37" ad does not have
      people on it making those very points. I am greatly disappointed that
      the main "Yes on 37" ad is so terrible that it may cost us the election.
      Why don't the "Yes on 37" ads have any farmers, doctors, professionals,
      etc. on it to present those facts (and possibly combat the  "No on 37"
      lies)? The ad is so weak that it turns me off. I was told last Thursday at
      the "Yes on 37" event at 14th and Broadway that the focus group did not
      like the aggressive ads. In my opinion, we need to fight fire with fire.
      I feel that the decision to use such a weak ad with no people stating
      the facts may turn out to be a major strategic blunder, but I hope not.
      I even asked the OCA if there any chance of using a hard-hitting ad in
      the last few days, but have received no response.
      On Wed, Nov 7, 2012, at 01:12 PM, kalpana mehta wrote:


      I do tend to agree with Michael. Our interest is mainly about labelling GMO foods. We should not exclude someone just because they eat meat Dr. Marcola and his group has been an Ardent advocate of non GMO foods. We need not be judgemental. Our president has appointed Monsanto man head head of research at FDA.
      We need to really be visible.
      There is a suggestion on the blog of Millions against Monsanto that all 400k+ who said Yes to 37, we ashould handwrite individual letters and send them to the white house.
      In my opinion, our campaign was not planned properly. We let Monsanto TV ads do too much damage not anticipating . We need to be more visible constantly pounding about our right to know. One suggestion I have is to make thousands of new flyers, not the ones associated with this election, and flood California with them every where.even billboards.
      Then we can reach those individuals who said NO and try to tell them facts abou t this  labeling issue and GMO health hazards. We have almost half of Ca population in favor of this, we can do it just by uniting, staying visible all the time and constantly divicing new stragegies.It is how Obama campaig did it by reaching as many people.

      To: SFVeg@yahoogroups.com
      From: thoipham@...
      Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 11:36:29 -0800
      Subject: Re: [SFVS] Prop 37

      Thanks Michael.  I've been more interested in influencing the admittedly hypocritical politician with his hands on the big levers because I think there's more potential and net gain here.  I don't see that changing at the moment, but I'm (somewhat uncomfortably) open to new possibilities :)

      On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 11:28 AM, Michael Bedar <thelivingmichael@...> wrote:

      Hi Thoi,
      Nice to hear from you on this topic.  My reply would be to keep in mind, for perspective, that the President is no more pro-vegan than Mercola is.  But one is dishonoring his word to label GMOs and the other is working for labeling them.  Just want to point that out for consistency in whose credibility you and we all look up to.
      With love,

      On Nov 7, 2012 11:23 AM, "Thoi Pham" <thoipham@...> wrote:
      Hi Kalpana,

      Thanks for your efforts to make food choices transparent. 

      One thing I didn't like was finding out that Mercola.com, an anti-vegan group, was a major sponsor for carighttoknow.org's phone banking campaign.  For me, anything associated with Mercola.com reduces its credibility and the detriment outweighs the benefits of the financial support provided.

      Like you, I'll keep a lookout for future opportunities to regroup, look at all the opposition arguments, and develop a strategy for winning in the next round.  Thank god a progressive president is keeping the White House--that would be a great place to make a difference.

      Thanks, Thoi

      On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 9:43 PM, kalpana mehta <Shonumehta@...> wrote:

      Hi folks,
      We may have not won this time on Prop 37, but  we need to keep this fight alive, now that we have a momentum. We should start a blog for brainstorming what our next move can be and stay in the loop. IT is important for us to stay visible. Any suggestions?





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