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1057Vegetarian looking for roommate in East Bay

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  • Margi Days
    Jun 4, 2006
      I've been vegetarian for 28 years, so it's a strong preference of mine that
      I find another veggie to join me in my cute little, happy home with my 2
      golden retrievers. Details are attached in my craigslist ad, and pics too.
      I'm really hoping I'll get 2 in 1, an artist and a vegetarian. I'm
      dedicating space on sheltered patio and in the garage to artmaking, and hope
      whoever joins me wants that in their life as well. If you're looking for a
      place, or the thought has crossed your mind to share space with another
      veggie, please read my ad. If you're in my neighborhood already and would
      like another veggie freind nearby, just shoot me an email, and maybe we can
      get together and cook up a great meal.

      Thanks for reading,