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1026Vegan Zack on 60 Minutes ethanol special this sunday 4-30, ch 5, 7pm

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  • sunny_outdoors
    Apr 26, 2006
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      Vegan Zack NOrwood will be on tv talking about a vegan fuel (Ethanol) that
      he puts in has gasoline car. Ethanol can be made from kitchen scraps or
      vegetable matter such as corn.....

      He is currently doing a PHD at UC Berkeley on Alternative Energy. HE is
      also currently working for a research lab.

      Zack also knows how run a car on used vegetable oil from restaurants.

      He and a bunch of vegans are doing the state of the art technology. There's
      a group of guys call veggieboys that are changing way we use fuels for our

      It's good to see positive news on vegans..

      Below is a letter from Zack,

      Hey Friends,

      Rumor has it that there'll be a segment with Dan Rather interviewing
      me, and definitely some footage of Dan Rather driving around in my
      ethanol powered 1990 Toyota Supra. Tune in, on your "60 Minutes"
      7pm on channel (ch 5-CBS).