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Fw: Medscape: A Young Athlete in Cardiac Arrest Linda Stark Bobo, PhD, ATC, LAT Program Director- GATEP Stephen F. Austin State University Dept of Kinesiology/Health Sciences Box 13015 Nacogdoches TX
Linda Bobo
Sep 17, 2009
Social Can someone let me know when the social is? I somehow deleted the email with the information.
Jun 7, 2009
New Concussion management http://www.jsams.org/article/PIIS144...00395/fulltext Group- The above link is to the Consensus statement on Concussion in Sport—The 3rd International
nick clark
May 19, 2009
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Position to be filled Group, I wanted to check with you before this goes public to see if there is any interest from the group. It looks like I will have a position open for next
May 8, 2009
Re: ATS appreciation Please tell me she hasn't shaved her head yet and started chuckling like you too!!  If she starts listing to classic rock you've got a clear cut case of a
Daron Kinney
May 8, 2009
ATS appreciation This year was the inaugral year for my ATS program at the middle school. I have only 2 students but one of them came to me yesterday to say that I am the
nick clark
May 8, 2009
Re: A Very Emotional Day! Mel- Sorry I am just now getting to this. I wanted to let you know that you and the Kaufman faculty/staff/family are all in my thoughts and prayers. If you
Daron Kinney
May 8, 2009
Re: A Very Emotional Day! Mel, I completely understand where you are. Each of my first 2 years at Colleyville I had a student commit suicide. Neither one were athletes, but they were
Apr 30, 2009
Re: A Very Emotional Day! Mel, My thoughts and prayers are with you and those at Kaufman at this time.  Keep your head up.  Lora ... From: Mel Subject:
Lora Ferguson
Apr 30, 2009
Re: A Very Emotional Day! Mel, I will be keeping you and all those at Kaufman HS and those involved in my prayers. And, you are right. Alot of people do not realize the extent of what
Apr 30, 2009
Re: A Very Emotional Day! Mel, Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. ... Athletic Trainer do?" The usual response is something similar to, "An Athletic Trainer
Apr 30, 2009
A Very Emotional Day! At one point in time, all of us have been asked, "What does an Athletic Trainer do?" The usual response is something similar to, "An Athletic Trainer helps to
Apr 29, 2009
Re: A First I have had that type of situation in the past.  Not as bad as your situation was described.  Our staff has standing orders from the ENT that we work with to
Lora Ferguson
Apr 16, 2009
Re: A First OI would have only done 1 thing differently. When the doc asked if I had set it, I would have just said that it "reduced during the course of my evaluation",
nick clark
Apr 16, 2009
A First Hey gang, I had a first yesterday and I wanted to share it with you I was in my office when my track coach called me and told me to get out to the track,
Apr 15, 2009
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NATA Meeting Hotel & Room Mate I have a room reservation in San Antonio for the NATA meeting from Tuesday the 16th to Friday the 19th (I have to get back on Saturday the 20th for 7 on 7
Mar 26, 2009
Re: Athleteic Training Alumni Scholarship I have often thought about doing that too. I would be willing to contribute...
Mar 15, 2009
Compound Tib/Fib Fracture I work at a big 3A High School and I recently experienced a unique injury situation that I would like to share. About two weeks ago, the Head AT & I were
Mar 15, 2009
Re: Athleteic Training Alumni Scholarship Great Idea!!!! I would be interested in "donating" to the fund I just don't know how much I can at this point.  A couple of suggestions maybe: 1) (silent or
Mike Waters
Mar 11, 2009
Athleteic Training Alumni Scholarship I am interested in starting a scholarship for the undergraduate program. I am posting this to see who would be interested in contributing to this scholarship.
Mar 11, 2009
Re: Web Page Does anyone have a rehab protocol for a pec major rupture/repair. I have only found one article which was not very helpful. My baseball coach was benching
Matt Schooler
Mar 5, 2009
Web Page We have recently had one of our former FB Players operated on by Dr. Lintner in Houston. I had athlete ask his staff to send Rehab protocol which they did in
Mar 4, 2009
Re: pitch counts i asked my head softball coach and he said that as far as he knows the only limitations on softball pitchers are when they are in little league. at that level
Mar 4, 2009
Applications available to you Hi, you all This is great-the discussion that is currently being generated. Also, please note available to you all through this listserv are: Address book,
Mar 4, 2009
pitch counts I have info breaking down recommended pitch counts for baseball players by age. Does anyone have the same type of breakdown (by age)for softball? I know that
nick clark
Mar 4, 2009
Re: Interesting "Injury" This is very interesting medical condition/symptoms that could present with various forms of pathologies. As per the physician, Bell's Palsy sounds like a
Dustin LeNorman
Mar 4, 2009
Re: Interesting "Injury" What about a brain tumor?? I know that some tumors that are seen over both lobes can have these same effects. However it does sound like it could be bells
Daron Kinney
Mar 3, 2009
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Re: Interesting "Injury" My initial thought was a stroke.?.?.? ... -- Nicholas Clark, ATC, LAT, MS Head Athletic Trainer Dan F. Long Middle School Blalack Middle School 936-569-4203
Nicholas Clark
Mar 2, 2009
Facial Problem I have been involved with two cases such as Andie is describing. The most interesting case involved a Male BSK player who developed Bell's Palsy from cold wind
Mar 2, 2009
Interesting "Injury" I think the great thing about this new list serv is that in addition to keeping in touch with fellow SFA grads we have the ability to share experiences with
Mar 2, 2009
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